Cost of Living in Cebu

Can anybody tell me the cost of living in the Phillipines for approximately a family of 6 kids?

Cost of Liling

Living in CEbu with 6 kids Php 30,000.00 is enough for a simple and comfortable life.

Living In Cebu

Is that 30,000 PHP  per Month ???

Living in Cebu

Someone said, 30,000 Peso per month.  That would be less than a thousand US.  Rate of exchange being 43 pesos to 1 US Dollar.  You should be able to live very comfortable if you have a thousand a month income.  Raising children can be a culture experience.  If they are school age, the high schools there only go to the 10th grade.  So you might have to give that some thought.  Most of the Filipino population are very nice people.  Sure there are the exception but then in the US that to applies.  So enjoy.  Do not get involved with the maid.

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