Drunks Tried to Pick Fight on Bilaran


TRAVEL WARNING: BILIRAN ISLAND. riders beware! Recently 2 of my friends and myself were attacked with beer bottles by a group of drunk men while leaving a local resort on Biliran Island, near Leyte, Visayas. Our wives and children were there as well.

3 men attacked my friend smashing bottles on his head, i pulled one man off him and then was attacked by that man. I defended myself and one of the men recieved a small cut on his head when he grabbed me from behind (I flipped him over my shoulder).

My children and family were there along with 2 other foreigners and one of thier wives.

We all ride bikes and were later told they had targeted me because 'i rode a big bike' and our attackers were drunk and jealous. My bike is an old 1978 650 yamaha.

we caught them stealing beer from our friends car. We were not drunk but they were. There were 5 men and 3 women in thier group.

we went to the police after the incident but they were already there claiming I had started the fight. This is untrue and supported by the guards at the resort.

yesterday I recieved a summonds to go to court.

This is clearly an attempt at extorting money out of me. They wanted 20,000p at first, now it's alot more. Im fighting the case and plan to move as soon as i can...as far away from this corrupt island.

Dont believe what you read about Biliran being an 'undiscovered paradise'. It has been discovered alright, by the fraudsters and those wanting 'easy money' by corrupt means.

So fellow riders beware, its dangerous riding in Biliran Island. Especially if you are a foreigner. You too may be targeted for extortion.

Biliran used to be a peaceful place but now there are alot of us expats living here and we are targeted. My attorney and fellow riders say' dont give them 1p,,, so I'm standing up for my rights as a human being and a motorcycle rider...

more power to the riders!!!

riders and crooks

hi joe,

i am also a biker and i have travelled 9500 kms all around the phils on a 200xr without any major problem. pinoys always found my bike big, where i come from it is a moped at best.

what happened to you is really bad, it is not normal. anyway, what i recommend in order to avoid any problems:

1. in case you have an accident-dont stop, move on. no matter what, as a foreigner you will land in jail otherwise and the blame will be on you

2.if you get robbed and you hit the crooks: hit them hard so the cannot follow you and leave, do not wait for the police and do not report anything to the police. the police is corrupt anywhere on the phils, they will not help you and blame you instead, trying to extort money from you

3.if you cannot beat them, join them: make rich pinoy friends, meet the mayor, judges, the police commander and try to work for the police. it does not mean you will have to work anything at all but you will get a police id and stay out of trouble. in case there is trouble, you will have powerful friends to bail you out.

you have no rights on the phils as a foreigner, what do you want to stand up for?

try to find the right friends to protect you, there is no legal certainty and no justice on the phils.




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