George Harold Bujnowski, stabbed, dead

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This week's dead foreigner resided in Lapu Lapu, which is a Cebu burb.  A shame.  George Harold Bujnowski, did you see it coming?

300,000 in a cabinet in the room?  Why not max out the ATM?   George, have you never even heard of a bank?  ATM machine?  Safety deposit box?  Anything but a cabinet in the room!

another one bites the dust with blood

 good morning peoiple and all others . again we read about the story of an american being killed this week . ok have any of us been thinking about the odds of this happening . ok i admit i do think of odds happening . kind of like when i like to fly . i like to hear of three aircrashes before i fly what are the odds of a fourth happening so soon . they say everythng happens in threes .but truthfully .are there underlying storys . comon peoeple we have to start to stop showing oour pride around these peoeple . they live in a wonderland of thinking of us a rich americans oh that white skin man has tons of cash etc etc . hey jo give me money etc etc . im sick and tired of children demanding monay from me when they see me on the street.that is because some dumb ass white man has stood outside of jolly bbb and given all they want on a holiday etc etc or a relative of there is shagging with a white man and he just give and gives for the POP thing . so the rumors exist of us all having buckets of money . i myself have been orderd to imigration in manilla to defend my self from being brouhgt up on charges of attampted murder and stealing and hatred of all philippinos . the cost of this was crazy because i refused to give some retired colonel from the afp 350000 because he said i wasnt allowed to have a buizness in the philipines he tried to extort from me and my philippina wife  . i was cleard of any wrong doing from the toun i lived in by the district attormys and collected the appropriate clearances before i made the trip to manilla . of course the complaintent didntgo and i was found free . but the fear srtill lives withme will i be next on the white man hit parade .are the odds getting slimmer as everyday goes buy .he didnt go he was home drinking tuba with the boys on the corner. maybe plotting how to get me and my property from me oh well he will just move in after he has me assinated . oh wrong word they only assinate polititions we are just stupid white men they just kill us and keep on lookingfor the next victum . nothing will come of the  last death . the killer will walk around probably driving in a new hilux with red license plates on it . laughinfg about how he did it to another white man . oh well . and yet we are told we are not aloowed to carry a weapon . well i for one keep mine loaded and near me . well when i reach for the cash that is being robbe3d from me i will pull it and shoot to kill other than get killed . i recomend this to anyone living in this wonder world of paradice.

maybe get your facts

maybe get your facts straight.  This was a setup. The story is false  .

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