Might Global Warming Drown Your Beachfront Philippines Property?

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Is the Philippines safe from global warming?

The Sea Level Rise Explorer and Sea Level Flood Maps Explorer give estimates of how much land a rise in sea level would flood land.  They both provide worldwide maps - check them out.

But how much will global warming actually affect ocean level?  Will it drown your beachfront property? Will the level of the ocean rise 10 meters or 10 centimeters over the next century?

I took a look at some of the research including a paper on the effects of melting ice caps and warming to cause catastrophic rise in sea level.  Frankly nobody knows, but the consensus estimates seem to be between a 50cm and 200cm rise over the next 100 years.

Anybody planning to live 100 years?


good site!

sea rise ten feet likely?

The WSJ quotes scientists who recently concluded that only part of the West Antarctic ice shelf will fall into the sea, thus only causing a ten foot rise in sea level.  


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