Just how dangerious is it here?   I had no idea there were large numbers of Americans being murdered in Cebu and other areas. As I have just arrived here in Cebu to consider a permanent move here I would like to know the true risks involved.  Paradise to me is not packing and looking around every corner.

good question

When I first got to the Philippines, I asked a few local high-class people about the murder rates. They misled me into thinking it was quite safe.  I think it's safer than Detroit or the wrong part of LA, for sure.  But it's not as safe as Maine or North Dakota.  What have you heard about?  I tried to post about these issues when I was living in the Philippines but I have not kept up recently.  I remember reading the US embassy list of unnatural deaths of US citizens, and it seemed not that long a list considering the number of Americans who are living there.  But you definitely have to be careful.

my second home

having justy read numerous comments from westerners about the philippines ,some good ,some bad i feel compelled to add my 2 pennys worth. i met my wife on the internet and after 5 months of chat i went to the philippines to meet her , she lived in butuan i landed in davao,some 8hrs bus ride away ,but she insisted that she would be there to meet me when i arrived ,and she was . we travelled for 3 weeks together and i asked her to marry me and she said yes. i met mum and dad and asked what do i pay for re the wedding and her answer was everything , i was taken aback but agreed , i left some days later only to return 3months later with the money ,stay for 3 weeks and leave ,having left 10-000 nz dollarswith my wife to be, 4 months later i returned ,whereby all the wedding arrangements had been made and paid for by my fiance we where married and now some 4 yrs later have 2 beaiutiful daughters 2 yrs and 10 weeks, we returned lats yr with our 1 st daughter to show her parents their grandaughter and we plan to go back in 2012/3 to show the newest addition . when i am there i now stay with her parents and eat the local food, i have never had any bad side effects from the food however i only drink bottled water. i have now been to the philippines 4 times and would like to retire there and enjoy all the local foods and people. i have always found the filippinas i have dealt with to be helpfull ,understanding  and humorous. i absolutely love the food of the people and have bought recipe books so we can cook at home in NZ. The recipes that are traditionlayy cooked for me when i am there are both tastefull and healthy and filling from the raw  fish (kinelau) to the chicken and pig, all are great  i must say that the beef though does leave a lot to be desired . as for safety i have never felt threatened at all from (davao,butuan, cagayan ,san hose, surigau) in mindano,leeti, manila,cebu etc if i do retire there though i would definetly arm myself just to feel secure and safe while travelling. all in all my trips to the philippines have been exemplary as have the people and i would reccommend going there to anyone  all the best steveieti

nice if u found the right

nice if u found the right woman for u, and for sure, ur rich thats why the filipina fell in love to u at once. 


hi there just to say im british not rich  my wife is fillipino who is just great her family are great and non of them have ever ask me for anything ok i give them but as i say they never ask we go there when we can and i cant wait to go back

i'm sorry but not all

i'm sorry but not all filipina from my country are the same just like the way you're thinking and i am sure that lots of guys who are happily married to filipina can't say nor think just like the way you are thinking. And hey, not all foreigners are rich, you should put that in your mind! And even if some filipina can do something like that, well obviously you can't say that it's only US who are doing it,,because even other countries some of their women can go after money as well and even some can be a prostitute too selling themselves just to make some money! so never judge, because not all your fingers have the same length. Learn how to respect other people, no matter how good or bad they are!

Safe! I feel Iàm

Well I moved to the Philippines ealier this year after I married my Filipina wife and just then let that one person know Im not rich by any means and Im American. But I have been to the Philippines numerous times in several different Islands and the worst one for me was the Southern Island I went to Zambowanga (sorry if misspelled) I had to be escorted by armed guards to travel to the airport which then was completely safe. Security in my opinion is great here in the PI even the malls have guards at the doors most diners do too. I dont go looking for trouble in wrong places. I love the Philippines and the people are just so welcoming and they are truly a customer based country. Anywhere you going you are being served. So anyways I like it and of course there are bad people here just like any other country. How many people are being killed everyday in certain cities of the US, just for wearing wrong colors or hat is different or anything of the numerous stupid reasons. So if you think its safe somewhere in the world where you dont have to worry about NOTHING then please wake up from your dream!

That's not so!!!.....

....I'm a 'NOT RICH AT ALL' American but I am married to a wonderful and lovely Filipina.  As we were dating online(via YM, email and phone) I made it abundatley clear that I was just an American middle class working stiff and she was then and now cool with that.  She was working in Hong Kong at the time as a Nanny for 12 years and that is where I met her. 

Her family has never asked me for anything but I understand the harsh realities of living in the Philippines on the 'average' filipina/filipino there.  There are no 'social' entitlement programs there as we have in the States, Great Britain and Canada.  If you do not or cannot find do not eat, see a doctor etc.  So yes, I make sure my mother-in-law has enough for her monthly medications and a little extra spending money(900 pesos).

My wife works in a nail salon and because I'm 9 years older than her, now she wants me to  stop working and 'relax'.  As I most thankfully told her...Ain't gonna happen. We both will 'pull the cart'

I have found out that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a Filipina wife.  You will never be treated as good with any other woman.  However, should you be fortunate to find a Filipina, make sure she was born and 'raised' in the Philippines.  That's the 'true difference.


44 people on average are Murdered in the USA EVERY DAY!



Depends on Where You're Staying

Seriously, it depends on where you're staying. There are some areas full of the Muslim extremists who prey for foreigners, while there are nicer, more Americanized areas like Makati.

Regardless, being in a foreign country, you're best to play it safe.

Great story!

I recently met a girl in famay laguna the simular way and am going to see her! I want to retire there and hope my story is as good as yours!! Thanks!

nice if u found the right

your assessment of why his wife fell for him shows no compassion or knowledge of their situation. she clearly fell in love with the man for love, not for money. some people have such a limited and niave mind.  It sounds as the man has a great life and wife as I do.

im sorry but not all

you are so correct. It is narrow minded and disrespectful when the few say the women fell for the money.  we need to stay away from such negative people who know nothing of what they say.

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