July 4th in Dumaguete: Gentle Foreigner Reportedly Shot in City of Gentle People

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I've noticed quite a few news items about foreigners being shot, even in this City of Gentle People, Dumaguete, Oriental Negros. Here are is a news item about it ("A retired police officer shot and wounded a retired member of the United States Special Forces yesterday in front of the Negros Oriental 2 Electric Cooperative in Dumaguete City.") and also there is a dialogue I noticed going on at a Dumaguete discussion board at dumagueteinfo.com/board/dumaguete-city/incident-dumaguete-4881.html . It is scary and discouraging. I am starting to wonder - what are the statistics on homicide or attempted homicide against foreigners here. Here are the U.S. embassy pages on death abroad including statistical reports. Maybe someone can find the relevant statistics.