Keep Your Bolo At Hand, I Guess

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The reports of dead foreigners keep flowing in.  In the latest one from Tagaytay, one Doc got the knife, died instantly, and his wife is still in the hospital.  Anyone have more on this story?   

about the same day - another Angeles killing

Another stabbed American - this one in Angeles - - too quick with the tongue?  Not quick enough with the bolo?  Got to be careful here!

Probably a stupid question,

Probably a stupid question, but what's a Bolo?


it's a big knife

Hi Tony, It's a big knife.  Here's my wife with her bolo.

Thanks. By the way, she's


By the way, she's quite handy with that Bolo. Make sure you stay faithful or you could end us losing some necessary body parts :-)




It's true.  The ladies here don't get angry, they get even.  Well, it's not like we've never had an argument, but so far so good on the big stuff. 

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