Making Coconut Palm Sugar

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Everybody knows that tuba is fermented coconut sap.  Most of us know that the sap is collecte from containers at the top of some coconut trees of varieties appreciated for their tuba quality.  But there's something else that can be done with coconut sap: make Coconut Palm Sugar (see linked article for how to make it and related information on contents of palm sap).

I remember the first time I saw coconut palm sugar being made.  It was in Cambodia, in a small village of about ten houses that was located in the bottom of a 1000-year-old (empty) reservoir miles and miles long.  What a memorable day.

The families all had huge woks next to their houses, and they were boiling down coconut sap, leaving the sugar, which they were selling to passersby, like me.

I ate too much and felt a bit akward.  Maybe sometime I'll try to make my own; I hope I'll have more discipline when it comes to the eating phase - but for some reason having sugar around is hard for me!