does anyone know about the flooding in cdo? what areas are flooded?

i have also heard that most parts of mindanao are still without power because of the bombing of the central electricity plant. does power work in davao/in cdo?

davao and cdo were the only places in davao that i did consider being safe. davao is in fact the only place where i could live because i do not tolerate pollution and only in davao it is illegal to pollute and only in davao it is also enforced. people get arrested in davao even when they sit outside a mall and pollute. this is excellent. problem is what happens after the mayor retires in 2010 ?


CDO group

You might check into the CDO yahoo group:


I also heard that Palawan is clean; in fact, I saw it myself and confirmed it in a one week visit there.  But it lacks some conveniences.


thank you peter, i am already member there

unfortunately this is one of the useless groups where everyone gets censored or badmouthed who says anything that the moderators or other people do not want to hear.

example: you talk about pollution and you will get attacked or banned....

i am a member for two years now and i have never learned
ANYTHING from this group. most foreigners on the philippines are completely useless, they come from very poor and uneducated backgrounds, mostly military. most of those people hate filipinos and try to avoid any contacts with filipinos, staying in cliques and living in foreigner-ghettos.

at the moment there is a RIDICULOUS discussion going on if they should continue with the foreigner-meetings to be held in a strip-club. some morons living there are so much concerned about seeing a naked tit.  have a look! you would not believe it!!


there are  exceptions. in cdo i met a guy from switzerland who lives on the filipines for 20 years. he lives among filipinos without any security except for a small dog. he was the only one who could help me with hints, advice and action when i was in cdo..

i try to spend my time with rich philipinos. they are the only ones who can help you with anything. the filipines are completely based on corruption, if you know the right people, you will get what you want. in cdo i made the right contacts when playing tennis and golf. those filipinos became my friends and they turned out to be very helpful with anything a foreigner needs....

even the swiss guy became a filipino citizen last year...


with regards to palawan i have heard that it is clean and that it lacks the infrastructure. my embassy has a travel warning for palawan because of terrorists living there.




CDO group

Did you have a bad experience with the CDO group?  I have been a member for a while also and although I usually don't read the posts I do occasionally.  I just asked on their list about their standards and what they had to say seemed reasonable.

What do you think about Mike's Golden Rule?  I thought that is a pretty good way to keep centered in some situations.

On the other note, sounds like a good idea about trying to befriend people in that class.  It sounds like you have good skills for that.  I've always had trouble with that.

CDO group

I just asked a few controversial questinos online in that CDO group, and it seemed to me that the responses were not censored.  It seemed like a reasonable forum.  They did seem a bit sensitive, but that's not the worst thing in the world.

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