HI, Im coming to Cebu on Oct 28th and I need a small apt or house in Cebu for myself and my GF. Looking for walking distance to a beach, A/C, cable,Refrig and cooking area. internet access a positive. any help will be appreciated. thanks


Ninty four people read my post and NO ONE could add anything.  and to be honest after 2 days here in Cebu I have never been more disappointed in my life.  I had thought Cebu might be the place I was searching to live but now I have serious doubts.  Cost of living seems high almost the same as central Florida USA.  If its not Cebu does anyone here recommend anywhere else I should try in Philippines? ANYONE?  Is there anything good anyone can say about Cebu or any other area I should consider.  I  know its only been 2 days but what a letdown.


Hi Mike, welcome to the site.  I'm sorry that I haven't done more posting here.  We now are living back in the USA.  We lived in the Dumaguete area.  In retrospect from my 2 years more or less in the Philippines, I think the Philippines is not so bad to visit and find a wife, but I personally wouldn't recommend living there long-term for someone who doesn't have to.


two days is not enough time , I lived in the PI for 6 years and loved it., if you act like a rich person, then everything coming your way will be hight 

just a suggestion

hi,your post has caught my attention and i couldn't just leave without giving a comment..cebu and manila are the most expensive cities in the phils...if  you are looking for some place that aren't as expesive as cebu and manila...try to consider checking other small cities which you might like and could also suit your taste and needs that doesn't cost as much as d ones on big cities like manila and cebu...good luck on your search

good place to live

I like the Olongapo, Subic Bay area as it has every thing I may miss from living in the states.  There are a lot of ex pats,  good beaches, Doctors, ect and it only takes 15 minutes to go from one end of town to the other.

what are ex pats

What do you mean, by, "ex pats"?


Mactan,just across the bridge from Cebu is a bit cheaper living,Iloilo province is a lot cheaper,and has the advantage of 3 females to 1 male due to the nursing schools in the city.Bulacan is the cheapest I have seen,and its reasonably safe and fairly modern.

Expats is short for

Expats is short for expatriots or people who have decided to  live in a country in which they were not born.

Something else that will help

Something else that will help is if you hire a part time housekeeper.Its less than 50 bucks a month and she will save you a TON because she won't be overcharged,like you (you are called a Kano) will be.She can negotiate rent prices,food prices...just about anything for you and our maid saved us 3 times her wages every month !

How much does a house keeper/ maid cost?

Was wanting to know from anyone with experiance of having a house keep /maid that dosen't live with you cost a month or weekly? Thanks

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