What Would You Do? (If You Caught a Rare Megamouth Shark in the Philippines)

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I just ran across this report of a "Megamouth" shark that was caught and promptly eaten in the Philippines.  Apparently the shark spends most or all of its life quite deep, and so it was not recognized even to exist by scientists until 1976.  Now they've been seen just a few hundred times.  

Take a look at this Philippines news report  about the fish  and also see the National Geographic article on the recent Megamouth catch. What would you do if you caught a shark like this?  

call it rare, call it near

call it rare, call it near extinction, call it whatever,to these people it's food, one's hunger must first be satisfied before he'll think of his environment.

has anyone seen a hungry man caring for Mother Nature? Yes? Now that's what i call rare! 

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