Prices of Land in This Economic Downturn?

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Can anyone offer some insight on how the prices of land in the Philippines are weathering the current global economic downturn?

land ownership

is it not true foreigners cannot legally own land,but rent or lease,if one is married to a pinoy,the title is usually under her name,5 ha. for ofw and such.One can own a condo and a house,but tracks of land,I do not think so, as explained to me.I have heard of land selling for P1000. per square meter.


Yes, the constitution prohibits foreigners from owning land, or a majority of the shares of a corporation. In my case, my wife and I would buy the land and it would be in her name. We almost bought land a few times last time we were in the Phils, but ultimately were discouraged by bad titles and inordinate bureaucracy. We'll see whether we have more tolerance for those issues this next time.

land prices phils

hi peter,

of course land prices on the phils will come down like anywhere else. especially in cebu prices have become ridiculously expensive, so expensive in fact that friends of mine moved back to the us to buy a house for half of what it would have cost in cebu.

everyone can own land on the phils. it is the most corrupt country on the planet and everything is doable no matter what laws say. constitution-f*** the constitution like anyone else does, on the phils noone cares about any laws. in fact most foreigners own land, it is just a ripoff, you have to start a corporation and pay fees every year.


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