Recent Expat Deaths in the Philippines: Thomas Hunt and Charles Richmond

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Charles Richmond and Thomas Hunt have died.

I recently read about the tragic death of Thomas Hunt in Cagayan de Oro, where the poor old man not only had his marriage fall apart, but he died - perhaps of a broken heart.  I had never met him or corresponded with him.

Then I read of Charles Richmond's death.  I had emailed a half-dozen times with him, and like many other expats had read some of the hundreds of contributions he made to expat forums in the Philippines.  It might be possible to fault him for having high standards, but it seems he had a longing for justice and that is hard to judge.  I remember one time when he crashed his motorcycle and rather than covering it up or blaming it on others he shared immediately that it had happened and that he should have been more careful.  It appears from what he wrote that he was a workaholic in many fields - here is his professional home page.  In a country where many relax and accept "whatever", Charles worked hard year after year to make things better.  The Philippines was fortunate to have him here and, cliche though it may be, it won't be the same without him.

sounds about right

yup. gold diggers. all of them. after reading that link, I'm surprised the new boyfriend didn't try having the girl deported.

beath to a smart man

im so sorry that we have lost a mkan of his greatness but it so shame that a man of his stature is blind to crueltys of love  pop is a terrible thing oh well im sorry again   to be blinded by p[op ius a terrible waste of a man obviously

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