safe everywhere except

yes your life is safe everywhere


- most of manila outside of malate,ermita and makati

- cebu at night

- most of mindanao outside of dipolog,cdo and davao


in general the pi is quite safe. i rode my bike from luzon/mindoro/negros/cebu/mindanao/cebu/bohol/leyte/samar/sorsogon and never encountered any major problems. the greatest danger is imposed by traffic.

violent crime happens very often in manila,cebu and mindanao. most crime does not affect foreigners, but in the last years violent crime against foreigners is picking up. many foreigners got robbed and shot in cebu last year.

theft and non-violent crime is very popular. i watched and secured my stuff all the time almost perfectly. in dumaguete someone stole my sparkplug-cap from my bike. in luzon someone stole the reflectors from my  bike, a friend of mine got the bmw logos stolen.  in a good cebu hotel someone stole 600 bucks, electronic equipment and an expensive camera from my bag. the owner of the hotel accused me of having lost the camera. he refused to call the police. i will avoid the place.

compared to costa rica or panama it is safe - compared to europe or canada darn dangerous.




Safe? It Depends

I've always felt safe but I never travel alone and I'm very courteous to everyone. Americans can have a lot to overcome with some Filipinos. Our history there has not been the best and it is an established fact that American tourists are the loudest, most demanding and messiest on the planet. (Japanese, Brits and Canadians are the best tourists.) Apparently our only saving grace is that we generally spend a lot of money and tip well. You will get nowhere fast if you are demanding, even if you're perfectly within your rights to do so. If you insist on this type of behavior you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. On the other hand, if you're willing to speak softly, humble yourself and smile you'll be surprised how accomodating Filipinos are. Still, there's no excuse for being stupid and overly trusting. There are a lot of poor people and some are desparate. Watch your belongings and learn which areas to avoid.

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