Selling Bananas

When I was in my family I always carried bananas on my head with my brothers, cousin and friend. We woke up very early. Every sunday went to the town and sold the bananas and then bought a kerosene, milk for my sister, salt, soap, etc... I bought milk for my sister because my mom was sick and then she didn't have milk in her breast. My sister was eight months old and now she is almost three years old . But sometimes I rode the horse to the town.

nice story

green and red bananasVery brave of you.  You are always a hard worker.


I was surprised the first time I saw so many different types of bananas in the Philippines,before that I thought all bananas were yellow ,from C. & S. America,with a chiquiita label.My wifes family grow the saba type and we feed mostly to the livestock to help reduce the cost of feeds.My wife does miss her saba bananas for cooking ,here in Canada.I did read that they were blast freezing them now for export.



Yes, indeed the variety of bananas is nice.  One surprise I had was the that my favorite kind of banana from Central America - Philippito - I have been unable to find so far anywhere in the Philippines!  I'll try to get some pictures.

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