Is True Love Possible?

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I've wondered sometimes about whether true love is possible - love where both the man and the woman value each other, respect each other, don't intentionally hurt each other, don't lie to each other, enjoy each other's company, don't cheat on each other, hold property in common and raise children working through their differences in values so that nobody gets trampled.  Of course there will always be something we say that comes across wrong, or we might for a moment see someone and experience a distracting temptation - but do those things add up?  Or are some or all relationships "doomed" from the start because rather than having mutual respect and compassion, they are based on one or both persons taking advantage of the other one?

I was just reminded of these thoughts when I read one comment about how it's clever to try to trick a person we are flirting with to see how they will respond. It seemed to me that it seems to potentially introduce dishonesty.  Why not just take things slow enough to be able to observe someone over time?  Not that I ever had that much discipline.

But I'd like to think that relationships aren't necessarily doomed to being adverserial.  Or does that just mean I'm whipped?

Your thoughts?

Sure it's possible.   I think

Sure it's possible.


I think the comment you're refering to was made in the context of meeting people on-line, specifically when the girl is in the Philippines and the man is overseas. That way it's not really possible to observe over time as you suggested.


Plus, of couse, we had the recent post where the guy arrives at the airport ready to get married and the future bride has gone. I've also read of people arriving to get married to find that some other guy had got there first!


But, to answer your question.....I think love is possible if the two people want the same things in life. If not, the relationship's doomed.




good answer

that makes a lot of sense 

yes, it is possible

between a mother and her children


 I could write pages on this one.  I think part of the challenge and satisfactions of a relationships is solving the opinions and behaviors that could become problems.  Diversity in a relationship can enrich it, but sometimes may not.  If a relationship ends, it does not necessarily mean there has been a lack of respect...perhaps just a growing apart that makes a change beneficial for both and others that might be involved.  Relationships, of course, require giving.  After a year of supporting a husband through cancer, I am beginning to understand a whole different side of relationships. When I was younger I thought I might have figured much of this out by 64, but I am realizing again how much there is still to learn.  Thanks for opening this dialogue.

sure, true love is possible.

sure, true love is possible. there is true love that happens instantly and there is true love that takes time to develop.

i  had a long distance affair, we hardly see each other, but the the devotion we had for each other was there. we were very faithful to each other. loving someone can also be a decision sometimes.

love and relationship

i guess most of us are confuse in regards with the difference between this two is an emotion you don't need to do nothing.when you see something pretty you can say oh ! i love relationship on the other hand is a little bit work on it,... it takes time,you take a risk it might work might now...i'm from PI ,meet my ex thing i could say it important to know the person you are marrying ,the culture...etc.marriage is a long time.

love and relationship

True love is possible, when both accept each other's imperfections. . . not expecting too much from each other and be contented on what they can share for each other. Long distance affair sometimes will show how true love is. Both will be loyal though far from each other and must preserve the trust while they are apart. Although it will be a lot different when they will be living together already in one roof when they become aware of the good and bad sides of the other. True love will always find ways to patch and bridge whatever differences they will have. But even though love exists, there are times, people tend to live more practically on reality. . . that is when compatibility counts. You may love each other but argue a lot because of incompatibility, this surely will tear you apart. Take it or leave it. . . that will be our choice.

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