We Had The Swine Flu. And It Sucked.

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Well, We all knew the swine flew was coming.  I first reported on it in our first swine flu mention. Well, we had it this past week.  First my wife had it.  She was hot and sweating and tired and achy.  Headache, high fever, stomach ache, runny nose.  Two days with a fever!  Then as she got better, the baby was next.  She must have been a thousand degrees, she was as hot as a frying pan.  My wife said, "Oh she needs a checkup."  Yeah, right.  Like I'm going to take a baby with a fever to a doctor in the Philippines.  Altogether, the baby had about 18 hours of fever, but the worst part was about 8-10 hours.  Runny nose, etc, and wasn't eating much either. So then mom and the baby were fine, except for the lingering cough, and that's when I started to get it.  And it was terrible.  It came on slowly, with a headache, slight tiredness, then a stuffy nose, fever, even worse fever.  I thought after 24 hours of various symptoms it was getting a lot better, but then the final monster fever hit.  Twelve hours of a very hot sweat, hardly enough energy to walk five paces to the toilet, stuffy nose, burning sinuses, headache.  And then finally it started to pass.  And after 2-3 days altogether it was pretty much gone.  So that was it.  It sucked, I admit.

As for the normal news media, here's a low-quality article that calls vaccine "the keystone of any effort to prevent illness and save lives" according to the US Secretary of Homeland Security.  What about good diet?  Exercise?  Get enough sleep?  These people don't know much about health.  They're the same ones who are coming up with the nationalized health care agenda without recognizing the causes of disease in the first place.  And these geniuses have, according to the article, purchased $1 Billion worth of flu vaccine - never mind that in past epidemics flu vaccine often caused more deaths than the flu.

Interestingly, it appears this flu is related to the 1918 flu, because there is a large percentage of people born before 1918 who are immune to this present swine flu.

Sounds awful, but manageable.

Sounds awful, but manageable.  Did you have to worry about the fever getting so high that it would be dangerous?  Glad you are all OK.  Why can't you take a sick kid to a doctor in the Philippines? 

We didn't worry too much

My belief and experience is that in general, healthy persons with a healthy diet and lifestyle have appropriate immune reactions to viruses, more often than Docs.

I have visited some docs here in the Philippines who were knowledgeable and above the "buy a miracle cure" line, but most of the time the docs, like those in the U.S., actually believe that their unnecessary device or medicine is what's missing - making the problem worse rather than better.

We specifically wanted to have our child born somewhere else due to the terrible stories of pedeatrics here, and she was.

If I specifically thought my child had something she wouldn't get over easily on her own (say, giardia or amoebas or worms) I would not hesitate to have a sample examined here and to hear a local prescription suggestion - though I'd do my own research on the internet as well and make my own decision.

baby smiling in walker

 What a happy beautiful baby!

 What a happy beautiful baby!  Costa Rica is a long way to go to have a baby, but I am sure your daughter's birth made it worth it!  Carrie's baby is about the same age and he is such fun to play with.  He has a similar big smile as your daughter does.  I am sure you and Milyn are enjoying your happy family.  Would you be willing to skype?  It would be fun to see the baby, your house and Milyn. Carrie recently skyped us so we could see Ethan walking.  I gather you don't do much with family on email.

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