Where Do U.S. Expats Live? 105,000 Live in the Philippines

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Here is a cute interactive map of the world with their U.S. expat populations listed.  Philippines is number one in Asia - 105,000 U.S. citizens.  No surprise there.  Asia's cheap, friendly, English-speaking country.  Well, more or less. 


asia is not a country. the philippines is. the only things cheap here are food and most clothes. electronics are ridiculously expensive (sony bravia 40in 899.00 in usa, 2450.00 in cebu)... and men's shoes are too and they never have over a size 11..no clothing in american sizes above xl either. good and bad come with it... for me, i love the women and the nice beaches. and its heaven for photographers like me too. driving is dangerous in cities, and forget trying to have hot water to bath in in most apartments.

I'm surprised there's 102,000

I'm surprised there's 102,000 Americans here in Australia. I've met a few but not that many. I've met far more in The Philippines. Mind you, they tend to stand out more there than here.


And yes, The Philippines is cheap (for most basic things) and very friendly too - provided you don't upset the locals. I can see why Americans want to live there.



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