Yahoo Ag Groups From Philippines (Also Gardening Brochure Download)

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One worthwhile yahoo group is .  Several members are in the Philippines and actually trying to grow things.  As they tell you, it's not trivial.

If you are interested in tilapia, yahoo has a tilapia group with many members in the Philippines.

This yahoo group is about jatropha - mostly well-known for being an oil-producing plant that can be grown in the tropics and used for lamp oil or biodiesel: .

Finally, the Rare Fruit Society of the Philippines has a good group with lots of information about agriculture and particularly fruit trees.  They also have periodic meetings advertised in their group: .

Also, here's a publication from the Phils on Jeavons-style Small-Scale Gardening.  Maybe not the best publication in the world, but ok to glance through to try to get inspired to do something with the soil.